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Mark 14:53-65

When I was reading Our Daily Bread today it talked about silence, and how there are moments to be silent and moments to argue or defend my faith.  I don’t know why, maybe it is because my mind just works in weird ways, but this made me think about all the “christian” protestors.  The ones who sit outside of abortion clinics telling women they are murderers, or hang out at gay marches holding signs about damnation.  I can’t stand that!!!  I don’t think that there is anything any more unloving than people who choose to do those types of things.  Didn’t Jesus talk about love above all else?  When it comes to things like this, and that is what you believe (my opinions about abortion and gay relationships is a whole other conversation), maybe silence is the answer.

I am great at being silent.  I do not want to rock the boat or hurt peoples feelings because of my beliefs.  I also don’t want to feel narrow minded and that my way is the right way.  But lets face it, there is only ONE way and that is Jesus.  I think I really need to work on knowing when silence is not the best answer and knowing when it is time to be bold in my faith.

Lord, please help me to be bold in my faith.  Give me the words and the love behind the truth Lord.

I know this is not what the author had in mind today but I would just love for some Christians to be silent sometimes.


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