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Greater love has no one than this.

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John 15:9-17

I actually memorized John 15 one summer at camp.  I would go to camp all summer long and I loved it.  Every year the camp had a Solid Rock club that kids could join.  To be in the Solid Rock Club we had to wake up early every morning and run to the rock at the end of camp (1mile), and then swim a certain amount of laps in the lake before most of the camp even woke up.  In addition to the physical part of the club, we also had to memorize John 15.  Fortunately for me memorizing comes pretty easily, but waking up early made the Solid Rock Club very challenging for me.  The good news is I survived and succeeded and I have the t-shirt to prove it!  Anyways, reading those verses this morning brought back memories but I wonder if I actually thought about what I was memorizing that summer.

“This is my command: Love each other.” John 15:17

This is what Christianity is all about!  Love baby, where is the love?  I am really going try hard not to mention my huge issue of some Christians being the opposite of loving and really focus on where I falter when it comes to loving others (the whole take the plank out of your own eye before taking it out of your neighbors, what a novel idea).

On the surface I feel like I am so pro-love and that I really am good at this whole loving others for who they are thing.  But if I really think deeply and honestly I could use some work.  It is really easy for me to love people who do not fit into the typical christian box, but surprisingly it is really tough for me to love other Christians.  At least this is true for Christians that I don’t know, and unfortunately some that I do.  The real problem is that I often judge Christians before I know them.  I assume they are all republican, pro-life, anti-gay, close minded, and unaware of the poverty-stricken sad sad world that we live in.  Sometimes I feel like they are more concerned with the type of coffee they are drinking on Sunday morning than the fact that kids are going hungry only a few miles away.  I get heated just thinking about it!  But who am I to judge other people!  Who am to think that I am even that different from the type of person I just described?  I’m not!  I am being judgmental and certainly not loving.  My whole pro-love outlook means diddly if it is conditional on who you are.

Stupid plank in my eye.  I think I need to get over myself.

Dear Lord, please help me to love EVERYONE.

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