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Couples Counseling May Kill Me

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Today we embark on a new adventure, counseling.

yay! (try to embrace the sarcasm)

I could not be looking forward to this any less.  I have asked around to friends who have already gone through such a thing and it makes me even more apprehensive.  I heard that the first day is family history and background bs.  Wonderful.  The Dude’s family lives in fantasy world (literally, it is frightening), and there is nothing in his knownfamily history that is anything less than pristine.  I can’t imagine his families life full of secrecy and trying to appear perfect actually being perfect- but I am sure it will look good.  I am sure I will be labeled the crazy one right off the bat and The Dude will look grounded and well-adjusted trying to deal with his crazy wife.

Did I mention that he wants me to go on meds for depression.  One of his stipulations for me proving that I was trying to work this out was for me to make a doctor’s appointment discussing my depression and how to treat it.  I am not depressed.  This is a manipulation tactic.  I AM NOT DEPRESSED!  Why do I feel the need to clarify this over and over.  I don’t think there is any shame in depression, I just don’t think I qualify, and the fact that I am being pushed and shoved to the doc to solve this problem makes me very angry.  I think he is just hoping that there is a magic pill that will make me want to stay in this marriage and I don’t think depression meds are going to do it.

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