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One God for all Religions


Lately I have been confronted with ideas that are so beautiful I wish with all my heart they could be true.  I have found myself trying to support these ideas with everything (which is little) I know about the Christian faith and it just doesn’t work…but it is so beautiful.

I want the beauty to be a reality.

But it is not.

At least from my limited knowledge and beliefs, which may be different from someone else’s.  This cannot be true.  The beauty is a lie.

I have been reading the book Eat Pray Love this week.  I think it is a great book.  I love to learn while I read (which I think one is impossible without the other) and I feel that I have learned something about the world while reading this.  Living vicariously through the author as she travels to different places in the world seeking to know herself better.  I felt connected to the character.  She started off her trip broken, and was putting back the pieces to her life throughout her travels.

I feel broken right now.

I get it.

On the second leg of her trip the author stays at and Ashram in India studying under her Guru.  This is so foreign to me.  It surprised me how little I know about other faiths other than the fact that I believe they are not true.

Interesting revelation.

She spends her days meditating, working, chanting, and meditating.  She finds what she is looking for.  She has sought to find peace in a God and leaves having found it.  She is pretty blunt in saying she does not have a name or label for her God, she just knows that he is God.  I don’t know if you would call this agnostic or if it is even really necessary for me to put a label on it.  It is just different from my views of God.

God the Father, this is what I know.

This is what is real for me.

Church, and the Bible.  Jesus and the disciples.

Yoga, meditation, gurus.  These words are foreign to me, so I quickly blew them off.  But after reading further and thinking deeper, I thought maybe she or they are on to something.  Wasn’t it just recently that I quoted “Be still and know that I am God”.  At the Ashram being still consumed them.  People would spend hours meditating in silence, being still, being silent, and knowing.

Yoga was actually developed so that people could spend more hours in pure still meditation with God without worrying about aches and pains related to a solitary non-moving position.

At first I thought there was no way this women found God.  For all her seeking, she was looking in the wrong place.

My God, the only God I believe is true, would not be hanging around an Ashram.

But what if He was?

That is my thought that was so beautiful.  What if there was only one true God that all religions worship in a different way, but it was still the same God.

It is beautiful.

But it is radical.  At least from the Christian perspective.  I know I am not the first person to have this thought, many people feel this way.  I just don’t think they are Christ followers.  We have a pretty narrow view of God.

It doesn’t mean that I cannot acknowledge that it sounds amazing.  Even if I don’t believe in the idea.

But I still have room to learn.

My views are not narrow enough to see the devotion of others and see how flawed mine are.  I abuse the grace of the God I believe in.  I ignore him on a regular basis.  And the amount of time I spend in pure silence seeking my Father is less than 5 minutes a month.

My faith is flawed.

Not the premise of my faith and the foundation on which it is built.  That is perfect.  But I, as the follower, am pathetic.

I will learn.

I will grow.

And then I will learn some more.  From everyone.  Because everyone, of every faith, has something to teach.


4 thoughts on “One God for all Religions

  1. I get what you’re saying. I think this would indeed be possible if we lived in a world without sin. Then we could all grow up, learn a little bit about God from nature, and wait for the day when He would reveal himself to us and take us home. It wouldn’t matter, then, how much specifically we knew about him ahead of time, because we would have no need to repent.

    But sin is a nasty reality. You really can’t deny it based on logic. Human beings are born cut off from God. But have some hope. The Bible says “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” (I Peter 3:9)

    I believe we can take heart in the fact that we have an all powerful loving God who wants to save sinners. Yes, some people will go to hell, unfortunately, but not because God wants them to. If you spend all your time worrying about everyone in the entire world, your heart will break. So instead, perhaps you should focus on “worrying” about some of the people around you. Pray for them, witness them, and perhaps God will give you the wonderful gift of watching them repent and become children of God.

    Let God worry about the rest of the world; you worry about the part of it where He has placed you.

  2. But it is so much easier to think of faith on a philosophical level rather than view my faith as an action 🙂 I say that in a joking way, but it could not be closer to the truth, at least for me.
    Maybe I am a thinker, or dreamer, or maybe a closet hippie, but I tend to lean towards the God is love end of the spectrum of the Christian faith. I am all about the love. I don’t want to think about sin, probably because I am so knee deep in the stuff that I cannot even move. After reading your blog, which was great by the way, I feel like you may be the opposite end of that spectrum. You talk a lot about sin and the sinner. And I think the truth of the matter is that although I want to associate beauty with faith and God, it is not always possible because, as you said, sin exists. And it is real. And it is ugly. And the truth isn’t always pretty either.

  3. Heidibird,
    Thanks for reading my blog. You are right that my blog focuses on sin a lot. I just want to stress that this is not because I am a “glass is half empty” kind of guy. I find my Christian life thrilling as I get to discover more about the love of God every day. However, my blog is geared towards unbelievers, and I view sin as being the first part of the gospel. That’s to say that one has to deal with the “bad stuff first,” before one can get into the good stuff. So the reason my blog may seem so negative really has to do with sequence. Sinners need to realize that they’re lost before they can get saved and really enjoy the riches of God’s grace. So I’m “mean” to them at first in hopes that they will perservere until they are ready for the “good” stuff.

    Thanks again for looking at my blog! And thanks for responding 🙂

  4. One quick thing before I go: I have a link that might interest you. I stumbled across this blog a few days ago. The writer explains how she grew up believing in one viewpoint of God, and gradually shifted over two a different viewpoint. She finally came to realize that both “gods” were only part of the truth.

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