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Of course God wants me to buy a camera…


My cameras last photo shoot.

Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.   

Romans 13:8

Today in my ventures as a new mother I left the house. (wild applause)

Last night I discovered that my camera had gone and died and there is no way that I am going a day without a camera when my beautiful baby is only 5 weeks old.  I believe I take at least 50 pictures of him a day- which is in no way obnoxious and completely normal I’m sure.

So I have to get a new camera.

The problem lies in the fact that I don’t actually have any money, and when I say I don’t have any money, I mean that I don’t have ANY money.  But I have to have a camera.

So I may be poor, but even poor people have credit cards.  And although it is against my better judgement to put another large purchase on my credit card I am from the generation of credit cards and I will not let down my people.

But on my way to Walmart I wondered:

Is debt a sin?

This thought came into my mind because I felt guilt over what I was about to do.  I have wonderful parents who have taught me the woes of credit cards and that debt can be a dangerous game.  I know better than to spend money I don’t have.  But I have also recently learned that spending money you don’t have is a lot easier to do when you never have any money.

But not being financially wise doesn’t mean is sinful.  It’s just stupid.

And for us less affluent folks, sometimes necessary. (I know a camera is not a necessity)

I researched this topic when I got home and I could not find anything in the bible that would confirm this as a sin, but I still don’t know.

What do you think?  Is buying something you can’t afford sinful or just stupid?


2 thoughts on “Of course God wants me to buy a camera…

  1. I think you kind of answered your own question when you said you felt guilty and you know it’s imprudent to put another purchase on your credit card. This short article explains it pretty well, I think:

    • Thanks for sharing that article, I really appreciate your response. But I am still unsure. I know that the bible advises against debt, because lets face it- It is stupid to buy things I can’t afford. However, I still don’t know if it is sinful. I suppose if I never plan on paying it back it is wrong, but I know I will eventually pay off my credit card. Just very, very slowly.

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