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Circus, Football, and an Inappropriate Dog

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Today was a great day.

We went to the circus.

And it was awesome.

We watched the Chief’s game (thank goodness for DVR).

And they lost bad.

and then, once the older kids left, this happened…

Well terd- I have a great video of Lincoln trying to roll over and my dog, Lucy, walking over and humping in the middle of his efforts.  But with all the new camera software I can’t figure out how to get it loaded.  For another day I suppose.

The question is: Am I a bad mom for not stopping that?  Personally, I thought it was hilarious.  I realize I may have the sense of humor of an adolescent boy, but I was in tears.  It was that funny.


One thought on “Circus, Football, and an Inappropriate Dog

  1. Buahahaha! I think it is funny. It would of been one of those photos that you pull out when his first girlfriend comes over.

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