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Frisbee Golf is Life

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Today I had a fun day!  It was really warm out and Uncle Mike and I went frisbee golfing during the day.  He soaked me in sun screen even in my hair so that I did not get burnt!  I rode in the stroller while Mike played and Dragon Lips followed along.  After a while I got a little tired and took a nap in my stroller.  My mom tried to tell me golf was boring but I didn’t know it would put me to sleep.

When I got home I took a long nap and then mom came home.  MILK!!!  We relaxed and I ate tons of food.  Then we went to walmart to get more baby food for the week.  4 Bags of baby food…can you believe I am such a piglet.  And mom even makes most of my food fresh in the blender.


Mom and Uncle Mike grilled out tonight and now we are all relaxing with full tummies.  I think I will sleep well tonight.


One thought on “Frisbee Golf is Life

  1. Great story & pics

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