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Just Chillin

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Today was a pretty relaxed day.  Mike and I went on a walk and then he played basketball while I watched in the stroller.  When mom got home we just hung out and played on the porch.  She introduced me to bubbles which I was not that impressed with.  I think she was disappointed that I wasn’t more excited but really I thought they were kind of scary.  However…playing/chewing on the stick was a great time!


Tonight mom and I read two books before bed instead of one!!!  Rise and Shine is my favorite.  I love to sing and dance to the song in this book!  And after I get all excited we read the Wee Little Lamb to calm down.  I fell asleep in my crib tonight without crying one bit.

One thought on “Just Chillin

  1. Hi Lincoln, Grandma wishes she was there with you to read you a bedtime story! I loved your pictures today. You are getting so grown up!!! Love and hugs, Your Grandma

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