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Hunger Games

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I am a very trendy baby. Tonight I went and saw the new Hunger Games movie.  Everyone thought it was pretty great, but I had a lot of trouble sitting still and sometimes I really like to be noisy. Hearing myself talk is sometimes way better than whatever else is going on. Plus, I realized that if I make a lot of noise then mom takes me on walks and plays with me. It is awesome.

After the movie we all went out to mexican food. I had fruit but it was still fun sitting with everyone. My friend Bud always makes faces at me that make me laugh, and Katie is so sparkly.

It was a great night but I was pretty sleepy when i got home. Mom read me my bed time story and then off to bed.

One thought on “Hunger Games

  1. Aw…. nice blogging approach 🙂 Some ppl make fb accounts for their kids, but its rare for parents to make blogs for their kids.

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