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Mom Rule #1


It is really tough to have rules for and eight and a half month old, I pretty much call all the shots at this age.

Until now…

As I was feeding my little terdlet tonight on the couch, which I am certain has nothing to do with the fact the high chair had yet to be cleaned from the night before, the little stink kept grabbing for a book on the other side of the sofa.  After a continuous struggle of refocusing his attention on his food I finally wised up and removed the book from the couch.

Well, the resourceful little terd then managed to find a frisbee on this same couch.

Hello, new fixation.

Not learning from my past mistakes, I kept taking the frisbee from his hands and moving it further from him on the couch.

The obvious move would be to also move the frisbee to a new out-of-sight location.  But I enjoy making life difficult for myself.

As a result I kept catching myself saying the same few words.

“No toys while eating.”

“No toys while eating.”

“Not toys while eating”

And there it was…

My first rule.




6 thoughts on “Mom Rule #1

  1. Funny, really enjoyed your post

  2. Very funny! My parents started the first one with one of my kids – “don’t bother the animals while they’re eating!” referring to my oldest, who kept bothering her baby sister in the high-chair. It’s been a staple at our table ever since.

  3. Our babe is almost six months…and just starting to reach for things not meant for her. I wonder what our first rule will be! Ack! What we are getting ourselves into!

  4. Haha “I enjoy making life difficult for myself” I love that. We’ve had to institute a only reading in the high chair “rule” for the sake of our carpet.

  5. And by reading I mean eating of course haha, even though i’m sure my daughter could make even reading messy

  6. First of many I am sure!

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