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9 Months Today


The Life and Times at 9 Months Old: 

Is obsessed with his Uncle Mike who is certainly his favorite, although, I am a close second 🙂

Eats real people food.  Bananas are a favorite but really if he can put it into his mouth he likes it.

He crawls!

Loves other kids, especially Jacob and Jordyn.

Is scared of the garage door and bubble gum bubbles.

Is a big fan of Dragon Lips

Likes to swing.

Just started pulling himself up but still can’t quite get it.

Loves pic-a-boo, tickling, and neck kisses.

Wears a size 4 diaper.

Will not take a bottle or anything else that liquid flows out of unless it is my tit.

Is done with the onsies.

Loves music and has hour long dance parties with Uncle Mike every day.

Still wakes up around 3 or 4 every night and then sleeps with mom until morning.

Has six teeth.  Four on top, and two on bottom.

Nicknames:  Bubba, Tator Tot, Terd, Linc, Stinkin, Sir Terds A Lot, Terdlet

Favorite Toy:  The television remote

Favorite Food:  Anything he can eat with his hands

4 thoughts on “9 Months Today

  1. What a great way to record all his stuff! I love it!

  2. “Will not take a bottle or anything else that liquid flows out of unless it is my tit.”
    hahahaha oh I hope we are not like that at 9 months!! But I don’t doubt it!!

    • Yeah, he seriously has issues. He used to be so easy and take a bottle, as long as it was breast milk, when I was at work. But all of the sudden when he was about 6 months he went to strictly tit.

  3. I absolutely loved these pictures – oh & the girls in the clinic laughed at the “He bit my Boob” saga. No helpful advise, just laughs!

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