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He bit my nipple.


Maybe to some people this may not seem like a big deal, but I am not those people.

The kid bit my nipple.

More than once.

This is a new trend over the last 3 days, he seemed to acquire this awful habit around the same time he became mobile.

I’m not a fan.

In fact, if this continues he is about to become very thirsty.

I just can’t have people biting my nipples, even if it is my son.  But that poses a pretty big problem for me.  Linc won’t take a bottle any more and he won’t touch a sippy cup.  The only liquids he gets during the day come from me.

How do I do this?  I feel like I have breast-fed enough, he is 9 months old now and he is biting me.  How do I wean the kid from my tit?  Seriously, any advice is welcome.  I think it is time, I just don’t know how.

***Just a little disclaimer.  I am sorry that I have to ask all these seemingly stupid questions, but all of my friends are twenty-five and single.  Breast feeding isn’t really their expertise.  I think I need to find a mommy group or something, but for now, this is it.


9 thoughts on “He bit my nipple.

  1. I found withholding the boob helped. When Kira didn’t want to give it up I started offering her the bottle before one of her feedings. After she didn’t take it I walked away from the feed. I let her have the bottle if and when she wanted it up until the next feeding time, then I’d give her the boob. At first we just had less feedings, and then bit by bit she began to take the bottle between feedings.

    • Withhold the nursing. If you decide you want to continue nursing but not have him bite, stop the session when he bites. He will learn he doesn;t get the boob when he bites. IF you want to stop nursing all together without baby lead weaning, offer a sippy cup first at each feeding.

    • The above comment does work, in the meantime for the biting …when your baby starts to bite pull him away from the boob, then bring him back. Do this every time he starts to bite…this will let him know that when he bites he will get no food. He will get the hint

  2. LOVE the pic! And ouch! I went through that with my daughter as well. She has 7 teeth now – top and bottom – and so I literally feel your pain.

    I usually tap her on the cheek firmly (so she knows I’m talking about what she’s doing with her mouth) and say, “NO!” very firmly. There’s usually a moment where it sinks in, and then she starts to bawl. And then the feed is usually smooth thereafter. I know that might not help you because all babies are different, (My friend’s son laughed whenever he bit her!) but if you’re still thinking whether to continue with the boob, maybe this is worth a try.

    So far, total number of bites thus far: 6. Total number of times it’s been deliberate: 2. I’m not saying it’s a huge success rate, but we’re getting through…

  3. Great blog, & thanks for stopping by mine! Oh, ouch,,,the nipple bite. Don’t get me started. lol Read the other comments, & only a couple things to add. If he bites you again, don’t pull him away from you. Instead, press his face into your breast until he releases your nipple. This is the gentlest way to save your nip, even though it’s not a natural reaction at all. lol After, tell him not to bite mommy &, like someone else said, withhold the boob for a bit. Most importantly, he shouldn’t bite you if he’s actively sucking. Although the nip’s great as a pacifier when they’re little, I’ve found it’s best to limit it to business only until they understand it’s a “no teeth allowed” area. Once they understand, I let my kiddos use them beyond a drink again then.

    I’d encourage you not to wean because of this. If you & he are both still enjoying it other than the biting, I hope you’ll continue. No judgment from me if you wean, so no worries. I just want to encourage you to find the solution that serves you both the best, & there are solutions other than weaning. Good luck!

  4. Aww… my daughter hasn’t cut her teeth, yet, but she’s definitely teething. She started biting down last week. I screamed out in pain. She pulled away in shock. Then started crying. I didn’t let her nurse again right away. Tried this a couple of times and she hasn’t bit me since. I guess we’ll see what happens when her teeth finally come in… (she’s 5 months old).

    • I know! It really hurts. I have not stopped breast feeding but I don’t know if I could have continued with the biting. I have used the techniques everyone has so generously given and it seems to be helping. I really like the idea of press his face into my breast as opposed to pulling away, pulling away hurts, plus he seems to respond to better to being pushed against the breast. If I pull him away he seems to think it is a game.

      I do think that he may be using me as a pacifier sometimes. He does not take a paci and never has but he sure loves to be on my tit all night.

      Ahhh! Never a dull moment. Thank you for all the great suggestions!

      • Great picture and post. Laughed out loud. Sounds like your ready to move on whatever about your baby. I found withdrawing from the feed during the day easiest. Eventually I kept up the bedtime feed as it was too much for me to finish fully.

  5. shout in pain and unlatch him to startle him It will stop, don’t give up! Elijah did t to me a few times but it stopped and 19 months later is breastfeeding happily, no biting.

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