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How to make baby food for the busy, cheap, or just plain lazy.


Let’s face it, I don’t have any time and I have even less money.

I always thought moms who made their own baby food were fanatical, crazy healthy, and didn’t have anything better to do than waste their time doing something someone has already done for them.

I apologize.

Not that I don’t think the above applies to some, but certainly not all.

When Linc was sixth months old, I ran out of food.  It was about 8:30 at night and I had just come home from conferences or some other event that took all night and the little squirt was hungry.

And the cupboards were empty.

This is when I learned that making baby food was not only super easy but I also eventually realized it was much MUCH cheaper too.

This is my recipe to easy baby food for the busy, cheap, or just plan lazy.

  1. Buy a large bag of frozen vegis from Costco or if you don’t belong to Costco, Walmart has bags of vegis for about 88 cents that work just as well.
  2. Buy  Ziploc Zip-n-Steam bags or buy the off brand.  If you are going for cheap defiantly the off brand
  3. Place your bag of vegis in one of the bags and follow the cooking directions
  4. Nuke it
  5. Take it out and put it into a blender or bullet (you DO NOT need a fancy baby food blender or baby food bullet, they all work).  If you are looking for super quick I would go for a bullet (much easier to clean).  I have one my mom gave me that she never used and I just keep it on my counter.  Love it.
  6. Blend
  7. Feed and Store (freeze well for two weeks)

Depending on how full you filled your bag you will have enough food for a day or two.  And it only takes about 7 minutes!!!


I also do this same exact thing with bags of frozen fruit (super cheap at Costco).  The only difference is that I don’t steam them I just let the fruit thaw or even blend it frozen.

So easy, and so so cheap.

Take it from me, I am not an over achiever.  This is not difficult and it saves me tons of money.  Plus I know that my kid is getting healthy non-processed foods.

I feel so vindicated.

4 thoughts on “How to make baby food for the busy, cheap, or just plain lazy.

  1. I made carrots for Kira once…but it turned out she was sick. She stuck with the boob until she was big enough to try solids, so we lucked out with no baby food!

  2. My family members every time say that I am wasting my time here at net,
    but I know I am getting know-how every day by reading such good articles.

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