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And like poof, he was gone…


Lincoln is at his dad’s again this Saturday.

It is weird sitting here not having a small child interrupt me every few seconds.  You think it would be a pleasant change for a day, but really it is not.

I miss him.

Lincoln goes to his dad’s house every other Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm, and then he also has an evening every week.

All day Saturdays are still pretty tough for me.

I actually go through I period of loss and sadness when he first leaves, followed by a period of productivity (it is amazing how much I can get done by myself), and then by the end of the day I just miss him.

I think this will get better.  We just started this twelve-hour plan a month ago, so I am still adjusting.

I just miss him.

Today I do have a few fun thing planned.  Uncle Mike’s birthday is today so we have tickets to go the KC Sporting soccer game.  Our team is really good this year, plus we have a new amazing stadium.  It is basically going to be a going away party/birthday party for mike.

He is leaving us.

He starts college at ASU May 15th.  We will miss him, but a today is not a day to focus on him leaving…

Today is a day to celebrate that he is here and my mother popped him out 27 years ago!!!  Yay mom!

My hope is that I can get over missing Lincoln enough to have a good time tonight with everyone at the soccer game.  I think I should be able to but I really do have a lot of anxiety being away from my little Linc for so long?

Do any of you other parents experience this separation anxiety when you are away from your children?  Single parents, is sharing your child/children difficult or do you eventually look forward to some time alone (I know single parenting can be very demanding)?


8 thoughts on “And like poof, he was gone…

  1. That must be hard!! I can’t relate well, but when my baby goes to sleep at night (7 PM) I miss her, especially when my husband is out for the evening. I feel like I have nothing to do! haha. It’s funny how we long for that alone time and then when it comes we miss being interrupted!

  2. When I first seperated from my ex, he began taking Ally for weekends. Saturday morning to Sunday evenings (still our current agreement) and the first five or six weekends I would cry after I closed the door. It’s rough. Does it get better? Mmmmeh. Yes and no. I still miss her a lot, but I don’t cry anymore. She has fun at her dad’s and I get to spend some one on one time with Kira. Most times I just want her around though, for all the work…it’s worth it to see her smile.

    • It is totally worth it! I keep telling myself that it is nice to have this day to get things done that I can’t normally get done while taking care of a baby, but really, I just end up running a lot of errands to keep my mind off of the fact that my little stud muffin is having fun somewhere else. It is tough, but I know he needs his daddy too.

  3. I can only empathize with how you feel. When I was taking classes last semester, I left my eldest with a sitter at our house for 9 hrs twice a week. That about killed me. 12 hours while she’s away somewhere else would be terrible. The thing that made it bearable was getting pics via text msg of my happy little girl doing things throughout her day. I don’t know how your relationship is with your ex, but maybe you two could start exchanging courtesy texts throughout the day. While I’ve no doubt it’s harder for you to be separated from Lincoln, his dad probably misses him, too. Perhaps you guys could work out an arrangement that helps you both? Just a thought. I’m always trying to problem-solve, so feel free to ignore me. lol

    Hope you were able to enjoy yourself at the party! At least to some degree.

  4. My son’s father has been out of the picture since before he turned one. He saw him a little bit at first and his overnights were rough. I worried that my son was being properly cared for. most times that he had him though he brought him back early and usually by hour 4 or 5 I was so ready to have my baby back! My son is 4 now and at this point, I welcome some alone time that I never get. A few times my parents have traveled with my son to take him out of state to visit my brother without me. But it is so weird not having him here and I don’t enjoy it as much as I should enjoy my free time. But take it from someone who has been at it for four years (and just finished school myself): enjoy your personal time. find a way to embrace it because you get so little time to relax and recharge! It will make you a better mommy! ❤

    • I have heard that a lot- that when I don’t have Lincoln that I should focus one making myself a better person. Whether it be working out, trying a new recipe, or joining an adult soccer team. Just something to recharge myself so that I can be a better mom for my baby. Thanks for stopping by!

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