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Every boy needs a dog.


I have a lot on my plate right now.

  • I am finishing out my school year (teacher).
  • I am buying a home (I was able to get a great deal in a great location, the house was in foreclosure but still in pretty good shape).
  • I am moving into my home at the end of this month.
  • I am putting in new windows, painting several rooms, and tearing out the carpet…possibly tiling too if I can afford it.
  • I am going back to school to become endorsed in English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • And I am possibly going to work summer school (I still have not heard if I got the job.  Summer school is pretty competitive).
  • And…if I do get summer school I will have to find daycare for Lincoln because Uncle Mike is leaving.

All of this is happening within the next three weeks.

And instead of thinking about all that, I have instead been wishing for a dog…

Not smart, I know, but I can’t help it.

I just feel like every kid should have a pet, and every single mom needs a good guard dog 🙂

I did have a dog when Lincoln was first born.  Lucy was my little wiener dog that my ex husband and I had welcomed into our home when we were first married.  I found it pretty tough to give Lucy all of the attention she needed and still take care of Lincoln.  Plus Lucy is a very, very needy dog.  She always wanted to be on your lap, she would get so excited to see you she would pee all over the floor, and she never stopped barking.  And not just any bark, she has this shrill high pitched “I’m 12 pounds but I am still going to kick your ass” bark.

So I started thinking about giving Lucy away, she just didn’t have a good spot in our changing family.  Fortunatly my parents were willing to take Lucy and she LOVES her new home.

But…now I want a new dog.

Am I crazy?

I want a big dog.  A dog that Linc can grow up with and a dog that can serve as our “man of the house.”

I have been looking at adoption.  I want an older dog, who is calm, friendly, and good with children.  I also want a dog who will not bark a lot and is already house trained.

My mom says that if I want a dog again I should take Lucy back, but I really don’t think that she is a good dog for this family.  I think we need an old man dog.  A dog that sits still while Linc yanks on his ears.  And a dog that looks scary when people come up to my house selling stuff.

What should I do?  I want to wait until after I move in, but any other words of advice?  Am I crazy?




11 thoughts on “Every boy needs a dog.

  1. News from grandpa & grandma, Lucy is a really BIG WEINER dog now – she gained 30 lbs, muzzles worked great in training her not to bark so much, she’s very intimidating – we taught her to snarl at srangers! And she doesn’t pee anymore – grandpa scared the piss out of her and by the way, she’s on the next plane to Kansas City! Hugs & Kisses, gramma & Gramdpa

    • I got a good laugh out of this one. So dad scared the piss out of her and she gained 30 lbs? What do you all feed your dogs out there in Washington?

  2. A collie is the way to go. Either that or a retired grey-hound…not sure that they would do the whole fierce bit though….

  3. I think getting a dog now would be different because your starting that relationship from a new life stage. So I don’t think your crazy.

    My wife and I adopted a Smooth-haired Fox Terrier. He manages to be cute and cuddlely with the right people but knows how to keep the weirdos at bay. I’ve heard they’re really good with kids that they know well. Mine’s been cordial but not overly nice with them, butI think that will be different with Kid Newton. Sending positive thoughts your way. 🙂

  4. Well, yes, you might be crazy. lol But I know where you’re coming from. I wouldn’t take Lucy back . Agreed, she doesn’t sound like a good fit. (Most days I’d love to send our chihuahua packing for the same reasons you mentioned & more.) Having a big dog has lots of advantages, but I’d caution you to consider a few things first. The cost (the bigger the dog, the bigger the cost), the messes (the bigger the dog, the bigger the mess), & the fact that you will be carrying the burden of responsibility solely by yourself. I doubt I could do it. I would wait ’til the girls are old enough to share the responsibility, but that’s just me. Post a pic if you do!

    • I understand waiting until he is old enough to share some of the responsibility, but there is still a part of me that thinks it would be really good for him to be around a dog now. I feel like it would give him a friend and teach him how to be gentle and loving to pets. If I do get a dog, I would also want it to be during the summer. I have less time at work over the summer to help a dog acclimate to our house.

      You made a lot of good points about big dog, big everything…this is going to be a tough decision 🙂

      • If you can do it, more power to you! You’re braver than me. lol & I know what you mean about exposing him to a dog now. & actually, children who live with pets when they’re babies have fewer allergy problems. Just another bonus. Good luck!

  5. Lucy’s back!!! Grandpa & I thought you should know that Lucy is a Big weiner dog now, we have fed her so well that she gained 30 lbs. And, she is very intimIdating, Grandpa has taught her to snarl at strangers – no worries over the barking – a muscle has worked well in her training. And the anxiety pee thing she did – well again no worries, she doesn’t pee anymore, Grandpa has scared the piss out of her. She’s on the next flight to Kansa City (OMG – Grandpa & I had so many laughs writing this one !!!

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