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The treadmill has arrived…operation slim down may commence.

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Dear goodness…it is here.

It arrived early this week and a huge box has been sitting in my living room ever since.

My treadmill has arrived.

I ordered it two weeks ago because I was not going to the gym.  I belong to an amazing gym, but I was really having a lot of trouble justifying spending my afternoons in the gym, while Lincoln was in the gym daycare.   That is time I could be spending with my son.

I love him too much to have him in daycare all day, just so that I can get off work, drive 20 minutes, put him in another daycare, workout, pick him up and drive another 20 minutes, just so that I can get home in time to get him ready for bed.

Not okay.

It ended up giving me about an hour a day with my kid or letting him stay up later so that I could be with him.

Neither of these options worked for me, so  I did the only logical thing.  I stopped going to the gym.

Several months ago.

This was absolutely the best decision for me and Lincoln, but not a super great decision for my waistline.

I lost all of my baby weight pretty quickly, but I have some extra pre-baby weight that needs to disappear.

But now that I have stopped going to the gym I have gained a couple pounds on top of that.


Summer is here, I need to do something about this.

Solution: treadmill.

This way I can get my lazy booty on the treadmill after Lincoln has gone to bed.  It works great for both of us.  I can get a workout and still spend all the time with my son that we both need and love.

I just hope I can do it.

It is going to be pretty tough, I am very tired at the end of the day and it is certainly going to take some will-power to get on that machine.

But I can do it.

I am hoping to find some people on the same mission.  Maybe we can help motivate each other.  You in???

My plan is to give Operation Slim Down updates every weekend.

***By the way, my treadmill is going to stay in the box until the end of the month.  I am moving and I think that this will just be easier.  But after that…it is on 🙂


One thought on “The treadmill has arrived…operation slim down may commence.

  1. Treadmill is good, but only good once it’s unpacked 😛 Try doing some body weight exercises when you’re home maybe? It’s better than nothing!

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