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PE Toddler Play for the Home


I am not sure if it is common knowledge, but I am an elementary PE teacher.

My job is awesome.

And I think it has also helped and will continue to help in my role as a parent.  Many things we learn as teachers are also used to help educate parents.

As a PE teacher I have not only learned behavior skills but also several fun games that I can play with my son.  I thought it may be fun to share some of these activities with people.  I have a feeling that as Lincoln gets older it is going to become increasingly more difficult to keep him entertained and my extreme arsenal of children’s activities is going to come in very handy.

Bulldozers and Builders

Equipment/Set-up: You will need something that you can stand up.  In PE we use cones but you can really use anything.  For this example I will use books.  You will need to set up several books around your floor standing up.  Once this is done you are ready to play.

Rules:  Pick one (or a couple) people to be bulldozers and one (or a couple) to be builders.  When the game starts (I like using music to signify start and go but that is up to you) the bulldozers will run around and knock over as many books as possible while the builders try to set the books back up.  Once the song is over (if using music) the team with the most knocked down or set-up wins, then switch roles and play again 🙂

If you are worried about using books remember that you can use anything.  I only used that example because I know that it is something most people have.  You could also use coins and have bulldozers flip them.  Just be creative and have fun!!!


4 thoughts on “PE Toddler Play for the Home

  1. Thanks for liking my post as well. Always great to know tips of how to keep the little ones busy.

  2. Love these suggestions! One of my sons is considered special needs and we are always looking for new ways to implement OT and PT, some of these creative play ideas will certainly help! I look forward to reading through and following forwad! Too, thanks for the’ follow’ on my blog.

  3. I’m a teacher too and I’m always surprised by how many of my teaching activities can be used, even with a baby. Thanks for the game idea – love it!

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