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Free nursing cover!

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I was just talking about these! I wish I would have seen something like this about 10 months sooner…but knowing me I would have probably blown it off anyways. Next time it will be at the top of my Mommy Needs list!

Mama OT

For all you nursing moms out there (or those who know nursing moms), check out this special Mother’s Day deal from…yes, the company is called “Udder Covers”. Moving on.

They are offering a promo code in honor of Mother’s Day for a free nursing cover. Their nursing covers are high quality and are normally pretty expensive ($34.95), so getting one for free is great news! Though you do have to pay shipping (because nothing in life is actually free), the price basically evens out to what you’d pay in a store, except this one will be delivered right to your door and you have a greater selection from which to choose…six, to be exact.

Here’s what you do:

1. Go to
2. Select your nursing cover. You’ll be automatically directed to the shopping bag.
3. Enter the code CCMOTHER and click “apply code”.

That’s it! The rest…

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