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Watermelon and Sweet Potato Fingers


On my search to keep feeding my little Linc healthy nutritious food I tried something new tonight, watermelon and sweet potato fingers.

I read a blog every now and then called Mama.Papa.Bubba, and this women feeds her daughter so well I have a tendency not to like her.

Just kidding.

But I am extremely jealous.  If I fed Lincoln half that well I would be pretty proud of myself.

Anyways, I was inspired by the “watermelon sticks” she fed her daughter.  I don’t know why I never thought of watermelon, but what a great idea.  I also bought a few sweet potatoes (cheap and Linc loves them) and thought I could make those fingers too!


Linc loved it.  It was something new.  And this is one more day where I can feel proud of myself as a mom.

And all I did was feed him a dinner other than easy mac 🙂


7 thoughts on “Watermelon and Sweet Potato Fingers

  1. Aw, you’re hilarious! I think it looks as though you’re doing a fabulous job – you have a happy, fed, loved baby! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the link.

    • I agree though. I also read that blog *cough* (replying on you comment on purpose) *cough* and sometimes she feeds her kid so well that I pretend she’s not a real person. Then I scoop another heap of homemade mac and cheese on my plate and eat away my jealousy.
      Have you tried bagels with cream cheese and avacado slices Mom and Boy? It’s my new favourite and I learned it from Mama. Papa. Bubba. 😀

  2. And to add my two cents – I fed my sone grilled cheese last night. A slice of potato bread, with shredded cheese or a cheese slice on top… put it in the oven to melt the cheese, let it cool before serving. Cut it in slices so that it’s easier to handle with those little fingers. 🙂

    • When we eat out I get Linc grilled cheese. He is a little carboholic so he loves it, and I have to admit…I am fond of nibbling on a little grilled cheese too 🙂

  3. By the way, I’m gonna steal that sweet potato idea!

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