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Thankful Thursday: Peace in the storm


I was just looking through some photos and came across these pictures of Linc and I watching a thunderstorm roll in this weekend.  I am not sure why but it just seems like one of those moments that was special.

I believe it was one of many firsts for us.

I have been so stressed lately.  I just feel like I have so many pressures right now.  The end of a school year, the purchasing of a home, starting grad school, my brother/nanny/roommate/friend is moving across the country, and I have somehow acquired another heartbroken semi permanent roommate and her dog.

I just need to remember that all of these things are blessings.

The summer has almost arrived.

I am fortunate enough to be able to buy a house for me and Linc.

I have the opportunity to go to grad school so that I can get paid more (knowledge is overrated, money is my motivation, sorry but I have to be honest).

I have a brother who lived with and loved my son wholeheartedly for the first 9 months of his life, I don’t think I could have asked for anyone better to watch over him while I was at work.  He will be missed , but we were lucky to have him while we did.

And, I have amazing friends who have always been there for me (and goodness knows, I have needed it), and I am glad that I am able to return the favor.

I can choose to focus on the negatives, and be stressed, frazzled, and angry.

But I won’t.

I choose to be thankful.

Did i mention that my friends dog isn’t potty trained…

I know you all wanted to see my gross feet 🙂


7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Peace in the storm

  1. Ahhhh what you are focusing on is right on. I’m attending another mindfulness training this week n I am reminded that what u pay attention to strengthens. Why? Because we are repeating something n reinforcing it. When u choose to be grateful n focus on the blessings in your life, u are literally rewiring your brain to automatically cultivate gratitude. Love to you! Lisa

  2. The dog may not be potty trained now, but you can always reference those accidents later, when Linc is wearing big boy underwear and peeing all over the place in a few years!

  3. I read somewhere recently that when we think of all the things we have to do, we should change the “have” to “get to”.
    So I ‘get to’ go to work. I ‘get to’ move house. etc. Makes you think a little more about how lucky you are, no matter what you are going through.
    It certainly helps me anyway.
    It sounds like you are going a great job, making a life and home for you and your son.
    And giving your friend and crazy dog a place to stay. Well done!!!

  4. Nothing pleases the Lord more than a greatful heart! Makes your Mom smile too!

  5. I had a long reply to this post completed on my iphone and then something went wrong w/ the “profile” thingy and my comment disappeared!

    We must be tapping into a similar wave length w/ our most recent posts! Yes, really NOTICING, pause, and SEEING THIS moment as sacred. And soaking it all up. I so resonate with that.

    I also resonate with CHOICE. Seeing the options in your mind and heart about where you COULD go with your thinking (and then mood and the possibly actions!) and seeing that you have a choice — we all have a choice. I often talk to clients and students about how happiness is a choice. Not a romantic feeling or emotion. It’s a choice. That’s so liberating — we can “control” our happiness. But it’s also so “hard” because of our wiring/socialization around WHERE we look for/find happiness.

    You’ve got it right here in your post! You are tapping into the fact that happiness is a choice — a happiness that is not based on the changing “weather” outside ourselves but rather it is based on what we are cultivating within ourselves! Gratitude is a sure way there — to that lovely, internal abode!

    Thank you for this reminder! Blessings, Lisa

  6. i love these pictures! your son is super cute! i love thunderstorms, too:)

  7. Your boy is beautiful and you seem to be doing a great job as a mom/sister/friend. Hang in there during these stressful times!

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