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Project Slim Down Update



The treadmill is still in the box, I move in two weeks so that was expected.

But for some reason I keep telling myself that I will start when the treadmill is out, when my life balances out, when all of my stuff isn’t in boxes or all over the floor, when school finally gets out (4 more days!!!).

I mentally can’t get over the craziness of my life right now and start doing what is best for me.

This is a huge mental block I am facing.

Mentally, I don’t feel like I can begin working on my health until I eliminate some of the other stressors in my life right now.

Is this normal?  Am I making excuses for myself?  I just really feel like I can’t handle adding one more thing, but is choosing an apple over a frozen pizza really one more thing?

Why am i so conscientious about what my son eats but I let myself eat crap meal after meal?

I have never been crazy healthy but I have always had a pretty good balance.  But there is not a balance anymore, I fill myself with crap and then feel guilty later.

Ughh, I need to do better.


4 thoughts on “Project Slim Down Update

  1. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that crap food is probably easier and more COMFORTING to you than healthy food. Sometimes, when life is super stressful, I’ll find myself eating lots of crap again. (I still feed the kids well, like you) and for a little while I find it’s best to just LET IT HAPPEN. Give yourself an emotional break. Be conscious that you’re eating crap and that you intend to change it, but be easy on yourself too. Sometimes a frozen pizza is just the hug that your insides need.

  2. I keep thinking these same thoughts…tomorrow, next week…after this or after that…but they’re all just lame excuses I keep making in exchange for the changes I know I need to make! Good luck on getting yourself on track! One small step at a time can lead to big changes…even if it’sonly an apple!

  3. I find that the exercise is a stress reliever. I’m not talking ‘train for an ironman’ exercise, even just walking and turning off the mental list of things and worries can help. That and not worrying is everything is ‘good for you.’ Just breathe and smile. You’re doing great by just wanting to be healthier!

    • Thanks! I kept putting off getting the treadmill put together because I am moving, but today I came home and Isaac had it together. I was so excited until I thought…”is he trying to tell me something.” Just kidding. I think he was just trying to do something sweet.

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