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Thank you Uncle Mike.


If you don’t know already know, my former sniper marine brother, Mike, watches my son during the day and has lived with us since Christmas.    Linc adores Mike more than anyone in the world but there have been several very amusing moments watching these two figure each other out.  This is a conversation I overheard this morning.

“Lincoln, did you know that water is a magnifier…”

My thoughts: How cool Mike is giving Linc a science lesson, what a great Uncle.  But then it continued…

“So, if you want to impress a girl with the size of your wiener, do it in water because then it will look even bigger.”

Thank you Uncle Mike.


4 thoughts on “Thank you Uncle Mike.

  1. Oh my, the things we Grandma’s learn! Did I need to read this one??? Happy Mothers Day to my Heidi!

  2. Love this. Love love love this. 🙂

    • I wish that I kept record of more of the things Mike did and said.

      During his first week watching Linc he texted while I was teaching, “Do you have a stroller or belly carrier thing?”

      I was not able to answer or check my phone in class. So not too long later I received this text, “never mind, I have a backpack.”

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