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Bang Bang goes the Gun


I have been a little MIA lately but in my defense, things have been more than a little crazy.

Last Wednesday Isaac and I had just sat down on the couch to eat an amazing feast of hot dogs and chips when we heard several pop pop pops.

At first I thought it was fireworks but unfortunately for Isaac, he knew exactly what those noises were.

“Get the baby, get in the bathtub. NOW!”

It is pretty surreal feeling to grab your kid and run for the safety of your bathtub.

The strangest  part of it all was the haze after the storm.  When the gunfire stops and neighbors and friends all feel safe enough to peer their heads out of their doors to see what has happened.




What did you see?


Did your house get hit?  No, but so and sos has two bullet holes through their new babies nursery.

Quickly packing your car with your baby, dog, and a few essentials just in case it happens again.

I can’t explain it.

I knew this neighborhood was not perfect but I did not think it was dangerous.  I live a block away from one of the states best hospitals and medical schools.  A street in front of us is full of college students, our street is full of families, and the block or two behind us can get a little rough.

I guess the rough drifted down to our street last week.

Even if this is an anomaly, we are staying with Isaac.

I move into my new home in less than a week (hopefully, the bank keeps pushing this back).

All will be normal again soon.






3 thoughts on “Bang Bang goes the Gun

  1. Yikes!!!!! Thank God you and boy were fine!!! Wow. May God bless and protect you always! I’m so glad you had someone there to recognize it!

  2. Hi, thanks for liking my post!… I’m glad you and your son are both safe! What a scary incident. Hope you move into your new house soon =)

  3. That must have been terrifying!

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