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Weekend Update: Whats new with us.


We have meshed into a brilliant summer routine.  We wake up around 7:00, Lincoln plays, eats, and then goes down for a nap around 9:30.  This is when I get to workout!  I workout for about an hour, then maybe get some homework done.  And then Linc wakes up.  Then we go out and do something, maybe the dog park maybe shopping, the options are endless.  We get back home around 2:00 and it is time for the second nap of the day, and this one we take together!  Oh glorious summer.  We sleep for about an hour and a half and then get up ready to go again.  The afternoons we spend with our friends or family.  You gotta love summer!

Kato has settled into his surroundings.  He is more of a puppy than we originally thought.  He is still a little uncoordinated and LOVES to play.  Think baby kitten that weighs 60 lbs, that is Kato.

I am consistently working out again, so that makes me feel much better.

Lincoln and I cannot get enough of summer watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapple.

I am supposed to close on my house May 31st.  Cross your fingers.

Pools open this weekend, so Lincoln and I are going to be fishes soon!!!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Whats new with us.

  1. Sounds like a great schedule …enjoy these days!

  2. What great shots! He’s gorgeous. Sounds like you’ve got a great summer lined up. I’m quite jealous; here in Australia winter is setting in. It’s cold and wet, and I don’t like taking little Evelyn out much in that sort of weather!

  3. Adorably happy, well-dressed little guy. A tribute to his Mom.

  4. What a handsome grandson I have! Sooooooo glad you & Lincoln have the summer to play together! What a wonderful gift from God.

  5. So happy the summer transition has been smooth! We’re hopefully going to start hitting the pool soon. Waiting for our waterproof baby sling to arrive. Taking both a toddler and a baby to the pool is something I’ll be figuring out this summer. lol

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