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Super Food Smoothie


I try to drink at least one of these a day, they taste delicious and I know I get tons of good vitamins that the rest of my diet lacks plus some extra protein.  Great for after a workout or for an energizing breakfast.

Ingredients: (If you put these in the blender/Bullet in this order it blends a little easier)

Scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein (I think vanilla is the best in smoothies but I have also used strawberry or chocolate)

1/4 cup frozen strawberrys

1/4 cup frozen blueberrys

1/4 cup frozen rasberrys

HUGE handful of spinach (the more the better and you can’t taste it at all so don’t worry)

1 Tblsp of ground flaxseed (if you have it around)

1/4 Cup of plain greek yogurt

Blend the ingredients together and POOF, instant health-packed snack!  And it tastes good, seriously good, better than anything you could buy in my opinion.

*** Just a note, I don’t typically measure my ingredients.  This is not that serious.  Eyeball them and pop ’em in.  You can also substitute any of the fruit in and out, but I always add a few blueberries no matter what.  They are just too good for me to skip out on them.

3 thoughts on “Super Food Smoothie

  1. Yumm!! That looks delicious!! AND we have every single ingredient in our kitchen right now! Score! 🙂

  2. YUM! I bet Lincoln loves those, what a great way to sneak in the spinach vitamins!
    Such a creative good mom, love you – THE GRANDMA

  3. The smoothie looks yummy! I was added to a FB group that gives plenty of smoothie recipes to help in efforts to stay green. I haven’t quite gotten the nerve to make a smoothie at home. Maybe I’ll try your recipe.

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