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Eating like a MAN.

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Lincoln is 10 months old.

I stopped breast feeding about a month ago when he got a virus in which it hurt his mouth to suck on me titty (allegedly- he stopped and I can only assume this was the reason).  Once his mouth healed, he still wanted nothing to do with me.

Once I got over the sorrows of being replaced by a sippy cup, I started to wonder if I should be giving him formula at least…

Dad said yes, and that when his other kids were this age that they would have at least 8 ounces of formula in the mornings and evenings BUT that they were not eating real food at this time either, just stage 3 baby food and a couple finger foods.


I thought what I was doing was normal.

But then I started to notice when I went out to eat…kids Linc’s age are often still noshing on baby food while I, thinking I am doing the right thing, am ordering a meal for my little bundle off of the kids menu.

The other day we went to the pool with Linc’s brother and sister and I packed a lunch for everyone.  Peanut butter and jelly, carrots, apples, vegi straws, and oreo cookies.

Lincoln ate more than his brother and sister…probably combined.  No half a sandwich for him, “I will eat a whole sandwich mom, and if you even think of giving me half I will scream until I get the rest of my sandwich.”  Carrots, “yes please.” Apples, “love em and you better keep them coming.”  Vegi straws, “well duh, those are my favorite mom.” Oreo, “Don’t even think of not giving me my dessert.”

The kid eats like a man.

I used to think this was normal and that I was doing everything at the normal rate.  But now I am not so sure.

Yesterday at the grocery store I gave him a box of Good and Plenty’s to hold and play with.

The kid ate through the box and then started eating the candy.


What kind of baby likes licorice???

So please tell me, is this normal like I originally thought or am I raising a man in a babies body?


One thought on “Eating like a MAN.

  1. Must be a boy thing. My son jumped into “real” food at about that age, and never looked back. If he’s getting the right nutrition (sounds like he is) and can manage the food (also looking good for him), then it’s no big deal. Other than what is likely to happen to your grocery bill as he grows. 🙂

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