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The Beautiful Blogger Award


I am very humbled by the fact that I have been nominated for The Beautiful Blogger Award by HOMEWORKDAD.  It is weird to think that people actually read the stuff I write.  I realize that is kind of the point of blogging but I originally started blogging just to sort out my own thoughts and then it sort of evolved after I had Lincoln and became a great connection between long distance family.

Whatever this blog is, I do know that I really enjoy it.  It is a therapy in many ways and also the greatest Baby Book I could ever create for my son.

I love it.

So thanks.

Now…I also get the great privilege of nominating 7 other bloggers for this award:

Those Young Moms

Life’s Little Slices

Slummy Single Mummy

Coffee Powered Mom

Tales of an Overstuffed Princess

What I meant 2 Say



4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Your a great blogger – you put your heart out there! Hugs, KW

  2. Its a great thearapy!! I started mine after too many panic attacks!!!

  3. Thanks for the nomination! This is on my acceptance list, hahaha! I’m so lazy in the warm weather! 😀

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