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Finally Connected


I spent the last 2 weeks completely disconnected from internet and cable.

Be still my heart, I survived.

And surprisingly enough I grew to enjoy the silence.

I am one of those people who always has the television on.  Even if I am not watching it or have completely no interest in what is playing, it is on.

It just was.

So these last two weeks have been particularly interesting for me not having any source of television to fill up the sounds of my home.

And I started to like it.

I read books- I always am a reader but not to the extent of the last few weeks. I read my bible- have not done that in a very long time.  And Lincoln and I played- we always play but it was less distracting without the background noise, almost like it was him and me in our own little world.

It was peaceful.

But now I am reconnected, I am thankful to have the internet again.

So thankful.

But this morning I left the t.v. off.

There is nothing I want to watch, why turn it on.  It seems logical but that never would have happened before.

I don’t know why it seems so odd to me.

And sometimes I still do like the noise.  And I still enjoy watching certain shows, but now, if I am not watching it, I am going to turn it off.

Sometime silence or the sound of your little ones voice is all you need.

I came across this picture today, it is hard to believe he used to be so small…



2 thoughts on “Finally Connected

  1. I spent several years living without a TV in my home, and I didn’t really miss it. Even now, after having a TV for about three years, it’s not something I automatically think of – I really only turn it on for the kid’s shows, for my daughter, and even that isn’t very much. I don’t often use it for my own entertainment. My husband, though, has started to watch a bit more TV recently… I find it quite annoying, with the TV is blaring and the kids are nattering, and I’m often trying to study or have a conversation with a friend online!

  2. I’m reconnected again today after nearly a month with limited access to the internet. I did experience some anxiety–worried that all of my friends would abandon me in my absence. Time will tell :o)

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