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My OCD baby


I don’t know if he is really OCD but…my little guy is becoming pretty particular.

He is 11 months old.

He is still not walking.

He is sort-of saying words, maybe mama and dad, but still not talking very convincingly.

Yet, his personality abounds.

Specifically with his sippy cup.

There is a spot on his high-chair tray that has a spot particularly for a cup.  It is sort of grooved so that a cup easily fits inside and doesn’t move around.

Lately, I have found that if I set his cup on any part of his tray that is not in the particular spot for the cup,  then he will immediately move his cup into the little cup holder portion of the tray.


Is this really important to an 11 month old?”

“Mom, you clearly did not put my sippy cup on the correct part of my tray.  It obviously goes in this little cup holder, duh.”

It is ridiculously cute, but wow, it makes me wonder what I am in for when he gets older.

He is so laid back BUT you better put his sippy in the cup holder and if you don’t, well I guess it is okay, he will fix it.


4 thoughts on “My OCD baby

  1. My nephew didn’t speak much until he was 4 years old. Then he told us he wanted to be an “ark-E-ol-o-gist” and left us all reeling!!

  2. The sippy cup episode made me love your little guy.

  3. My 11 month old JR is very particular about things too. Actually the days have to be pretty much on the repetitive side for him. Up at the same time, breakfast at the same time, right down to bath time, Lord help us all if the boy is not in the bath by 7:30. Oh and dont forget the lotion. Lol. Thanks for sharing this!!

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