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Friday night, alone again.


I think the most difficult part about being a single mom is being alone.

It is not the fact that I am doing the job of two parents by myself, although that can sometimes be challenging.

But it is not being able to share all the moments that life brings that are so special.

When Lincoln takes his first steps, I cherish that moment alone.

When he says momma for the first time, I cherish that alone.

When he falls and scrapes his knee, I comfort and worry alone.

When he has food all over his face and is acting super silly, I laugh at him alone.

When he finally falls asleep after a long active day, I enjoy that moment alone.

When I pray and rejoice for this beautiful boy, I pray alone.

It is not all the time, all the work, and all the hardships of doing things by yourself.  It is all the moments that are so precious and not having anyone to share them with.

Or at least not the other half of him that would care like I care.


11 thoughts on “Friday night, alone again.

  1. I know how you feel, mama. I love parenting alone (weird I know!) but I know I’m missing the feeling of romance and a romantic connection

  2. Even though I’m not a single parent, to a certain extent I do know what you mean about being alone. My husband’s job has him working unusual shifts, and he sometimes has to go away for several days at a time. It’s not so bad recently, but a couple of years ago I felt like I barely saw him and had trouble getting in contact with him while he was at work… so yeah, I felt pretty lonely and isolated, stuck in an apartment with a tiny baby that I didn’t know what to do with! haha

  3. This is what scares me most about being a single mom…even now when my baby is just starting to kick, I really wish I had someone to share those moments with 😦

  4. So bittersweet.

  5. Sweetie, I am a single mom too. It often times just seems so unfair, doesn’t it. But know that you are NOT alone. God is with you…allow Him to be the head of your household. Ephesians 1 tells us that we were predestined–CHOSEN before the beginning of time. It says we were adopted by Him and that He lavished His love and grace on us with ALL wisdom and understanding. Also, it says that God created us for His pleasure AND His will! So he knew what He was getting Himself into…but He loved us enough to make us and love us anyway!

    I feel sometimes bitter about the fact that I don’t have a husband or that neither one of my boys asshole dad’s could manage to step up. I feel like I am solely responsible for keeping the Earth spinning on its axis. It’s overwhelming at times. I think to myself, “I can’t do ALL this!” But I’m right….”I” can’t. But God can. Trust Him, my love, trust Him.

    I am going to subscribe to your blog… to I’m sure I’ll be in touch. Stop by and visit mine if you need anything….a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to. I’m here, friend.


  6. I’m also a single mom of an almost four year old boy. There are SO many things that he says and does that I can’t help but want somebody else to jump up and down and clap and rejoice as giddily as I do over. The internet has born the brunt of my desire to share these things, but I’m pretty sure if anyone actually reads my ramblings, they’re just rolling their eyes and thinking to themselves that this crazy chick really needs a life.

    It’s hard, and I don’t know if and when I’ll ever find somebody that cares about the little things as much as I do. What I do know is that Rowan knows without a doubt that I am head-over-heals crazy in love with him, and I’m pretty sure that’s what really matters.

  7. compleatly with you! I have a small boy too, had him when I had just turned 18, he is two now. I desperatly want to be able to share the highs and lows with somebody.
    Feel free to check out my blog, I’d love your input,
    love and luck xox

  8. Well, you are my daughter! Happy sewing ( it’s a whole new world once you start sewing). Very fun! Love you & your side kicks!

  9. Thanks for liking my recent post – “A Mother’s Touch”. I have read through your posts and must commend you on your strength and conviction. I take my hat off to all you single mums out there. I had always thought how tough it must be doing all the work on your own – but until reading your post had not given the loneliness part much thought. Good luck with motherhood, life and blogging 🙂

    • Thank you. And I would certainly say loneliness is the toughest part. Being a mom comes naturally and doing it by yourself is the norm. The saddest part, aside from your kids growing up in two homes, is not being able to share all the moments with someone else. Thanks so much for your kind words.

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