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I made burp cloths!!!



I have been scouring Pinterest for months now posting random things that I would love to make if I ever learned to sew.  I think it is funny that I have such a desire to start sewing because every time I picture someone sewing they are about 70 years old making prairie dresses.

No offense, I know this is not actually reality.

But for whatever reason that is the image that pops into my mind.  I do not picture a young 30 something, PE teacher.

But here I am, sewing away and I love it.

I bought this sewing machine about 3 months ago.  My loving mother helped me make the purchase, cause Lord knows, I sure don’t have any extra money, and she wanted to make sure I got a nice one.

And I did…The Curve.DSC00757

(check out that sweet work space…right between the wooden blocks, treadmill, and basketball hoop.  I’m pretty sure this house is going to make it on some sort of home tour soon)  (I’m just kidding, if you didn’t pick up on that.)

I was really proud of myself earlier in the week when I busted it out of the box, finally, read the directions, and figured it out.

To my amazement, it was easy.

My first project was some very homely bean bags.  Actually “Quinoa Bags” because I had some expired in the pantry and no beans, go figure.

But yesterday I got serious….Burp Cloths.

I saw these on Pinterest, I followed a tutorial online.

And to my glorious amazement, I made something pretty cute.

…and useful, because this new baby will not stop vomiting on me.

For your viewing pleasure…DSC00756




14 thoughts on “I made burp cloths!!!

  1. Prairie dresses, LOL! Actually, it’s more true than you might know. There’s a sewing mom at my church that dresses her little girl like Little House on the Prairie, complete with bloomers. Yes, bloomers. It would be cute if it wasn’t a little . . . scary. Anyway, Singers are good machines. I have one that’s already, gosh, 12 years old, and it still runs like a dream. Have fun sewing!

  2. They’re beautiful, Heidi! I love the fabrics you used. Looks like you inherited your mom’s talent.

  3. They are beautiful! Who knew – my daughter likes sewing!!! I love it!

    • It is certainly not something I imagined I would be into. Like if someone asked me in high school where I saw myself in 10 years I probably wouldn’t have said “sewing.”

      But little did I know it was so fun and useful.

  4. Nice burp cloths! Why are they called burp cloths though shouldn’t they be called puke cloths? I mean i burp all the time and i don’t need a cloth to clean up anything but if i puke than yes i would need one of these “burp cloths” All i’m saying is that they should re-think the name!

    • Hmm…you have a point dear brother. In all actuality I just made a very pretty rag that cleans up vomit.

      But if I am going to have a vomit rag on my shoulder half the day, it may as well look good.

  5. Those are super cute. Congratulations on your first successful projects (along with the bean bags – your have an adorable helper).

  6. Love your burping cloths! Came to say hello, and came away with more than expected! Hope to see more, Thx for checking out BathTeacher!

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