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Saturday Recap

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Wakeup, cuddle time in mommy’s bed.  Which is actually me trying to get an extra few minutes of sleep while Bowen eats and Lincoln jumps/hits/wrestles me until I get out of bed.  It’s fun.

Then we cleaned and had a dance party all at the same time.

Played blocks.



Read the book, Moo Baa La La La about 20 times.  Someone please ask me to recite it sometime, I would love to show off my mommy skills.

Nap time for everyone!  Hooray!

Shot some hoops.



Went to Walmart because we needed to get out of the house.

Found pillow cases on clearance for my quickie sewing project.  Ran into a friend.  Bought Surf’s Up per her recommendation for 5 bucks.  Made a decision to have a Movie Night.  Picked up some pizza rolls for dinner.  Left Walmart.  Came home.  Warmed oven.  Popped in said pizza rolls.  Sewed together all the pillow cases to make a giant movie pillow. Turned on the movie.  Ate the pizza rolls.  Laid and played on the giant movie pillow.





Bath, book, brush, and bed for Linc.

And now its mommy and Bo chill time.  And after checking the tv guide it appears I will be watching Prison Wives.  Don’t judge.  A documentary about women crazy enough to marry murderers in prison is a quality way to spend my very little free time.



One thought on “Saturday Recap

  1. I love the giant TV Pillow! How fun is that??? And Bowen has cubby cheeks now! Too cute!

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