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Baby Name Pillow



So I’m obviously on a crafty, sewing kick these past few days.  And my latest project is a pillow for Lincoln.

Since moving to his toddler bed he has not slept with a pillow.

Largely because I am a crazy worrier and the impending doom of SIDS makes me lose sleep at night.

But I think it is time…the kid needs a pillow.  And what kid doesn’t desperately want a pillow with his own name on it???


So anyways, I am actually pretty proud of this one, I think it looks pretty good.

My methods are a little unconventional.

I literally just wrapped the fabric around the pillow to see how large I should cut the fabric.  No rulers here.

Then I printed off letters from my computer, traced them, and then cut them out on the fabric.

Then I sewed it all together.

and BAM!  pillow.



4 thoughts on “Baby Name Pillow

  1. Looks gorgeous! I love the pillow, very smart 🙂

  2. It’s perfect! Lincoln will love it! I’m enjoying watching you have fun with the sewing machine:-)

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