Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.




Just in case any of you plan on visiting any time soon (mom and dad), I thought it may be useful to let you know what Lincoln has so eloquently laid claim to these last few days.

Blue chair, his.

Toy car, his.

Red leggo, blue leggo, all leggos, his.

Milk, actually his.

My arm.

Bowen’s foot.

Basically any blanket in the house.

All his.

Almost all the books, his.

The orange ball.

The stuffed pig.

My pants (I believe its only the ones I am wearing, he didn’t specify.)

The big blocks.

The little blocks.

Happy feet.


Bowens dirty diaper.

And my keys.

His, his, and his.

There is really very little that has not been declared, “MINE!” these days by the short little blonde haired child that I let live in my house.

Oh wait, I’m sure that’s his too.

2 thoughts on ““Mine!”

  1. Too cute! Grandma is his too!

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