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No Daycare on President’s Day!


So apparently our daycare is closed on President’s Day which I think is a load of nonsense.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE our daycare but this just seems a little silly.

Fortunately I am not working right now and it really isn’t that big of a deal.  However, BoBo has his 6 week appointment this morning and that is going to be infinitely more difficult with a toddler in tow.

I know I see some toddlers hanging out in waiting rooms cuddling with their mothers, quietly reading books.  This is not my toddler.  My sweet little child would not sit still if I paid him in Goldfish.  He will run to any open door, and holler at the thought of sitting on my lap for more than three minutes.

I love my rough and tumble boy but bulldozer have a tough time in waiting rooms, and so do their momma’s.


2 thoughts on “No Daycare on President’s Day!

  1. When I worked out of the home I thought it was crazy that my Daycare would close during the week if it wasn’t something major like 4th of July. And I was totally pissed when I found out she took a WEEK vacation during the summer. But, now that I do daycare myself I see it totally different. I cherish my days off with ONLY my own children. I don’t have much time on the weekends to do things like grocery shopping so many days I do my shopping with up to 4 kids 3 & under in tow. When I have appointments during the week for my own kids many days I’m stuck taking other kids I have to watch. If I do ask for a day off with my 2 weeks advance warning, I end up hearing how they can’t find anyone else and blah blah blah, yet they have no problem getting time off when they need it for their own stuff. Sorry, not trying to be rude just saying I’ve been in your position and now I’m on the other end and believe me, we need days off just like everyone else.

  2. I’m really not that upset about it, however I was surprised. This is a daycare center if that makes a difference, not a home daycare. I know everyone needs a day off but shopping on weekends with the kids is just something that we working moms have to do sometimes 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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