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The great diaper debate: Pampers vs. Huggies



Earlier this week I cam across this blog questioning the sanctity of the various diapers we mama’s use and it got me thinking…

Does anyone like Huggies?

I am totally an off-brand mom.

I have to be.

But when it comes to diapers it is totally worth the money to get something that works and works well.

For me, and most moms I talk to, that is Pampers.

I specifically am a huge fan of Swaddlers.  They are the best.

However, I recently made a terrible mistake.  I saw a commercial for Huggies Easy-Up diapers and thought, “what a great idea, I should sooo buy those for Lincoln.”

Well it is a good idea, getting those easy-up diapers is a breeze and a great transition into pull-ups…

too bad Pampers didn’t think of it.

I have had more blowouts this week than I have had in the entire rest of his life combined.

He was sent home from daycare TWO DAYS last week!

He may not have had the most solid of bowel movements but had he been in Pampers, I doubt I would have been picking up a poopy child.

So mama’s of the world?  What do you prefer?  Is anyone out there a Huggies girl?  Has anyone had success with off brands?  I would love to hear all about it.


17 thoughts on “The great diaper debate: Pampers vs. Huggies

  1. I either went Pampers or Earth’s Best. But Pampers had the best leak protection for my little guy.

  2. We use pampers, we have a few huggies around that people gifted to us but they don’t hold up. Our main diaper supply comes from the honest company. We use just about every product they have and the diapers are phenomenal.

  3. I’m gonna be the odd “man” out. We used Huggies, then moved to Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club brand). But, now, we are a diaper free household – woo hoo!

    • Well I figured someone had to be using Huggies, it does not appear they are hurting for business! And lucky for you to be out of diapers, I feel like I am swimming in them 🙂

  4. I buy Huggies Little Movers. My husband made the (big) mistake of getting the easy ups and it ended about the same for us! In other words…quite gross! But the movers work better for us than Pampers (which wouldn’t matter either way to me because they are only a few dollars apart at our local grocery) and I swear by them.

    Ps- By the time we started potty training anyway My son could get a regular diaper off much more easily than a pull up! 🙂

  5. OK. I used Pampers Swaddlers with my older son and LOVED them. when he got into size 3, we switched to Huggies Lil Movers. I have had the best leak protection with them, and have stayed with Huggies with my second child (another boy). Huggies Easy Ups ARE TERRIBLE! I got the same coupon that you did (likely) and thought- well, for $8, I’ll give them a try. worst $8 i’ve spent in a long time!

  6. Up &Up diapers from Target!!!

    We used Pampers, namely the swaddlers, when our oldest child was a newborn, and then switched to Huggies as he grew. The reason for the switch was just how the diapers fit him, I guess. He was big for his age if that sheds light on anything. But ultimately when he got older we stuck with Huggies. UNTIL someone introduced us to Up & Up diapers.

    Once we had two little bottoms to diaper, though Jerry is potty trained now and only needs a pull-up for bedtime, we used exclusively Up and Up diapers from Target. The price is great, I think $20 gets you a box of 90-120 diapers, depending on the age of your child. You just can’t beat that. And very rarely to they leak. I will say that I tried to get Target brand pull ups for Jerry, figuring that since the diapers were so great that their pull ups must also be wonderful…not so much. So for now, I’m sticking with Huggies Pull Ups for him.

    Hope that helps!

  7. LOL, this is a hot topic! I love the Easy-Ups, and Huggies in general. Back when we had 3 kiddos in diapers I had to stick with the Target brand (Up & Up I think it’s called) but now we’re down to just one un-potty-trained, we’re ok with buying premium diapers. Huggies are super sturdy, and the Easy-Ups make my 2-year old happy … we’ve never had a leakage or exploding poop problem, although I remember having those problems with other off-brand diapers. Frankly, I hate Sesame Street so I avoid Papers like the plague, hehehe!

  8. Stick with the winner! No more blowouts – PAMPERS win!

  9. Target’s brand Up & Up are absolutely wonderful and I praise them whenever I can. We used to buy Pampers a long time ago until we decided to try Target’s brand. We were so happy with these diapers and with the savings. It’s unbelievable. You get so much more diapers for half the price of the other brands and they work. I have never had any problems. Go with Up & Up!

  10. I’ve always had issues with huggies. My kids always peed through pampers. And luvs. So I tried the sams club brand. LOVE THEM!!! Never had a blow out, never leaked through. Never any issues 🙂

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