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Top 10 reasons why I am now “that old person”



I don’t think most people are aware, but I am currently back in school working towards my master’s degree in ESL (teaching english as a second language).

Apparently I don’t have enough to do.

We were put into groups for one of my classes (these are online courses) and after checking out my group members I was sorely disappointed to be placed with a certain person.

She is very nice, but she is “one of those old people.”

Old people in classes have certain characteristics.

They always sit in front (or post first in the world of online classes)

They always feel the need to be your teacher even though they are actually a student.

They ask way too many questions (and yes, most of them are stupid questions, apparently problem solving and critical thinking require too much independent thinking).

And, they are always brown nosers (which is probably the real reason for all of the stupid questions).

But then it occurred to me,

I’m old.

Am I one of those old people?  Not necessarily by my above definition, but I do possess some of the characteristics.

Which leads me to this: Top 10 reasons why I am now that “old person” in class.

1. When asked to post an introduction and a picture about myself I end up talking more about my children than myself, and of course, my picture is with my kids.

2. I work with one of my professor’s friends.

3. I have had more than one technical issue so far this semester.  (And it was a real technical issue, not one of those technical issues I had in my younger years that was really just me not doing the work and then blaming technology)

4. When explaining said issue to my prof. in an email I may have mentioned something about the baby vomiting on my computer.

5. I sometimes post first.

6. When asked to send a test file I send a picture of my kid.  And then I send a second one because I am sure my group members want to see both of my children.

7.  I attend, and am an active member in video conferences and study sessions.

8. I sometimes work ahead.

9.  The professor knows who I am and could pick me out of a line-up.

10. I don’t have a Facebook page to contact other classmates.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons why I am now “that old person”

  1. Maybe you’re just “mature”!

  2. Getting old is cool (in my world), The Grandma 🙂

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