Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

What we did…


We survived the snow day,

and it was mostly fun 🙂


We played in the snow,

boy snow


played with leggos,


climbed on all the table and chairs,

toddler climbing

fell off all the table and chairs (hard too, the little dare devil even drew blood today),

played in the sink (we put in food coloring, some soap, and a bunch of toys- so fun!),




toddler sink play

had fun with pipe cleaners,


toddler pipe cleaners

and magnets,

toddler magnets

dad stopped for a visit,

dad and newborn

shot some hoops,

burnt everything we tried to cook (spaghetti sauce, cookies, cinnamon rolls, pancakes),


ate a lot of burnt stuff,


had a photo shoot,

played cards,

cards, skip-bo

and that is about it.


Time for bed.

2 thoughts on “What we did…

  1. Wow!  What a day.  Good Job. dad


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