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Bath Tub Painting


I wanted to do something fun with Lincoln today but really didn’t have anything I needed for the fun stuff I wanted to do.

No flour for moon sand.

No glue for slime.

No jello or corn starch to make play dough.

No felt to make a quiet book page.

But we did have this…

washable paint

So we decided to paint.

After thinking about what would make the least amount of mess for me to clean up I thought,

why don’t we do it in the bathtub!!!

There are very few times during my life, especially since having kids, where I thought,

dude, that was smart.

But this was one of them.

We started by taping some paper to the shower, pouring some paint into containers, and stripping down to a diaper.

toddler painting


It started a little slow, and at first he wasn’t sure what to do.

toddler painting


Then I couldn’t help myself and I started to paint Lincoln while he was painting the wall.



Then he started to paint himself.

Which may not seem like a big deal, but Linc has some sensory issues and normally HATES having slimy, paint like stuff on his hands and body.  So this was a little success for me getting him to cross that threshold.



Then we just got crazy.


DSC00908Drink break.

DSC00909And back to painting.



The thing that made this so awesome was the clean-up.

It was so easy…we just turned on the water and I gave Linc a wash cloth.

He had just as much fun cleaning up as he did painting 🙂



toddler bath


I would absolutely do this activity again before doing the bath paints using shaving cream and food coloring.

This was less of a mess, easier to clean up, and more fun.


4 thoughts on “Bath Tub Painting

  1. I love this idea! I read it to my 4-yr-old and she wants to do the same thing now. I’m all for it!

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