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Dear God, I can’t find my Sperry’s

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I have seriously looked everywhere.

From the dryer to under my covers.

I checked every toy box,

every cushion,

and under all the clean clothes piled on the laundry room floor.

They are gone.

I even called Isaac at work to ask if he may have taken them the other day when he was here.


apparently 6 foot 3 Isaac has very little use for my shoes.

So what did I do,

I called my mom and I prayed.

But it got me thinking, does God care about my lost Sperry’s?

It’s hard to say,

clearly my mental health is linked to these shoes.

These are my only non-work shoes,

and I like them.

For one day this week I wanted to leave the house and look like a semi-normal person.

And truth be told there is very little that doesn’t make me look fat right now other than shoes and head bands.

My self-esteem is riding on these Sperry’s

But,  although this is important to me,

it is still a little bit of a first-world-problem.

Okay, it is completely a first-world-problem.

People have way bigger issues than my lost pair of shoes.

So does God care?

I’m not sure to be honest.

I know he cares about me, and I guess that is the important thing.

But my Sperry’s,

I can’t believe I can’t find my Sperry’s.


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