Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

The show is officially over.


looking out the window


The last two days Linc and I have spent what seems like several hours staring out the window watching all the stuck cars in the street in front of our house.

It was better than t.v.

Way better.

We laughed.

We cheered.

And we even did a little booing.

It was entertainment at its best.

And now it is over.


4 thoughts on “The show is officially over.

  1. Grandma says, yea! It’s over, perfect because my flight to see all of you is tomorrow. I guess I’ll still need to shake the dust off a winter coat and bring it. That will be worth it to hug my daughter and my grandsons! Can’t wait!

  2. We love doing this too – better than any reality show. I’m Canadian, eh?

    Random question from random Internet blogger: Do those curtains happen to be from Urban Outfitters? I was just wondering what you thought of the quality as I ordered one of their rugs and give it a big thumbs down.

    • Those are actually shower curtains from World Market. I know that sounds really strange but I couldn’t find any curtains I liked. However, I am not sure I really like these either, they are super thin and kind of a weird length 😦 I am going to try to make some soon…we will see if that actually happens.

      • Not strange, very brilliant actually. Probably won’t work for my particular situation as I need a reasonably decent quality to block out my pesky neighbour. Just annoying that curtains all seem to cost so much! Will definitely use your shower curtain idea for another room in the house where privacy isn’t so important. Thanks for replying!

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