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What I read: Private Berlin

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I like to read.  I go through stages where I can read a book every two days to then having a dry spell of one book in a month.  I put these book reviews on Amazon after I buy them for my Kindle with the hopes that maybe one day they will send me free books so that I will write reviews…we will see if it ever happens.  I figure that I don’t have anything to lose, it only takes me a few minutes either way.  But I thought since I was writing them anyways, I would also post my book reviews here- for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.

Private Berlin by: James Patterson

private berlinThis is one of my favorite authors.  Patterson’s books are always easy to read and keep you on the edge of your seat.  I love a good mystery and I am a sucker for serial killer books.

However, this was not my favorite Patterson book.  I found Private Berlin difficult to understand.  If you have a high understanding of history in this area of the world you may not have the same troubles that I had.  I found myself lost in references I didn’t understand.  Also, there was this weird untimely romance in the novel that was not really a romance at all.  It seemed thrown into the book for the sole reason of just having a hint of a love affair, but the romance was underdeveloped and completely out of place.

In Private Berlin a serial killer is murdering people from his past.  There is a mystery throughout the novel as to why the killer is picking his subjects.  There was also another story line going on in conjuncture with the main killer.  It was extremely confusing as to whether or not the stories were connected, how they were connected, and why some things were included in the book at all.

Overall, I would give this book 3 stars.

It was confusing, and too historical with not enough background knowledge.


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