Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

Dear mom, it could be worse.


toddler dirty clothes pile

Dear mom,

I am so sorry.

I know how it appears, and to unassuming eyes it could be frightening.

But I really did try.

Even though it looks as though a tornado full of crumbs and apple sauce has hit my home in the not so distant past,

believe me,

it could have been worse.

You see I have enemies.

These small creatures that live in my home and prohibit me from doing any housework.

One is menacing and cruel.

Every object I pick up he takes right back out.

He gets in the garbage and plays in the trash.

He hides my Sperry’s in places I can’t find them, such a clever distraction.

And the other one,

he is almost worse.

His power is his scream.

If you get further then 3 feet from him he will deafen you with his cries.

Oh the horror of my situation.

I have tried to make friends with these small things but to know avail.

I have even tried to nurish them to win thier favor,

but no.

They mock me and spit out their food, throwing it on the floor and mushing it into the carpet.

They spill their milk and throw their plates.

I cannot win.

The house cannot be cleaned.

Please do not judge and know that I tried.

But it’s these creatures,

they are just so mean.

And believe me,

It could have been worse.



2 thoughts on “Dear mom, it could be worse.

  1. Hahahaha! I love those messy little boys – no no problem for Grandma! You go back to work tomorrow & ill work my cleaning magic. It’s Grandma magic and its so nice to be useful! So blessed that you don’t mind how I keep myself busy! Love you & your boys sooooo much!

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