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Please, don’t helicopter my child.



This has started to happen to me more and more.

People “helping” my kids.

We will be at the playground or walking through a store and Lincoln will struggle,

He will trip over his own feet.

Struggle to get up some steps that may be too big for his little legs.

Or slide down a slide that is may be too steep.

And I will watch.

I don’t sit back and watch because I am a mean mother, I watch because I believe my son can figure it out.

My child is strong enough to get up those steps- he just needs to realize it.

My son is perfectly capable of picking himself up after a spill- and he has no problem doing it.

If he slides down a slide and lands on his butt, he can decide if it was worth it- and 9 times out of 10 he will want to do it again.

And I truly believe my son is smart enough to problem-solve his way through any situation that may be challenging for a toddler.

I believe in my kid.

So I watch him.

And if you want to practice a different form of parenting, go ahead.


If he falls, please, don’t help him up.

If he is about to go down a slide that you may think is too steep for him, please, don’t stop him.

And if he is figuring out how to get  onto large playground equipment, please, don’t assist.

Because I am his mother.

And I don’t think you are helping my child.

You are stifling his learning.

And you are taking away his opportunities to problem solve.

Trust me, if my kid is in harm’s way I will be the first person he sees, I will be the first one to comfort him, and I will be the first one to wipe away his tears.

But I won’t do everything for him,

And I certainly don’t want you to.

Parent your kids however you want (and I will be honest, I may roll my eyes at you from a distance)

But keep your hands off mine.

Have you experienced something similar, or am I the only one? 


10 thoughts on “Please, don’t helicopter my child.

  1. Thank the good lord! Do you want to have a play date?! Lol It seems recently that every time we have a play date with a new mom they drive me crazy with that business.

    “Are you okay, Jp?”
    “Oh my goodness! Help him up!”

    Look lady, take a deep breath and step back from my son. He’s a clumsy, clumsy big boy now. If I panicked every time he took a spill, I would never calm down. Besides, he’s feeding off of your vibe at this point. 🙂

    • I know! I actually don’t have any friends with kids, so confession- I have never actually had a play date with my little ones, but I have a friend who doesn’t even have kids who does this. We will go out to eat and she will take his food and break it up, or tell me that something is too hot for him. Oh my goodness, it gets me fuming.

  2. oh my goodness YES! i’m re-blogging this post!! let them struggle, just a bit, so they can work it out for themselves!

  3. Reblogged this on laderamom and commented:
    Mom and Boy – speaking my thoughts! Enjoy.

  4. a-MEN, sister! There are still some of out there who allow our children to experience the mistakes and challenges that will make them stronger, make them confident in their own abilities. I applaud you for hitting this head-on. I got the stinky side-eye the other day because I didn’t zip up my daughter’s coat for her. Really? It’s a zipper.
    Fantastic post.

  5. I could not agree more. Brilliant post!

  6. I totally agree! At the playground, I sit on the bench and watch instead of hovering less than an arms length away!

  7. Yes! I thought it was just me — but if I let my son try something new there are a thousand hands that try to stop him.

  8. You’ve made some really good points there. I checked on the web to find out more about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website.

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