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I need to stop eating.

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weight loss cartoon

This is a true story.

Pregnancy is over.

The days of stuffing my face in the name of I’m getting “fat” anyways needs to end.

My first pregnancy was good.

I worked out like a freak.

It was summer, I didn’t have any kids yet, and I had all the time in the world.

I would wake up every morning, go to the gym, and then lay my pregnant belly out at the pool.

This pregnancy,

not so much.

It was winter, I had a one year old, I was working, and I ate like it was a hobby.

And it tasted good too, I’m not going to lie, eating everything in sight without abandon is rather scrumptious.

But it needs to end.

Summer is approaching,

And I am bigger than ever before.

I love the pool and I love to play with my kids.

And there is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious.

I need to down-size for my kids.

I owe it to them to be able to play with them without thinking about how big my rear end looks in my swimsuit,

Or how flabby my arms look in a tank top.

I need to have photos of them when they are young and not worry about Victoria (the pet name for my double chin) showing to the world.

So here is the plan…stop eating so much.

I don’t think weight loss is complicated, the concept is easy.

It’s the execution that is tough.

Eat less.

Put down the cookie.

Stop shoveling in mexican food.

And no, you don’t need that candy bar on your way out of the store.


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