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Phys. Ed at Home: Dance Dance Dance

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toddler dancing

I teach elementary PE and this week we started our rhythms and dance unit.

This is one of my favorite units.  The Kindergartener’s love it and the fifth graders pretend they don’t but they actually do.

It is great.

But this year my little toddler is old enough to do some of these dances with me.

Here are a few that you can do at home with your young ones.  A few you may know and a few may be knew.

But kiddos love to dance.  Turn on that music and get some exercise in this snow!

Tony Chestnut

This song is great for toddler to about 3rd grade.  There is a motion for every word in the song and the song continues to get faster and faster.  I even did this with my middle school track kids just to be silly.  This is one of my favorites.

Cupid Shuffle

This one is easy and can be used for all ages.  I know that they do this dance now at Chuck-e-Cheese and the skating rink so it is pretty popular.  I couldn’t find a great video (it is actually the chuck-e-cheese one) to show you but the dance is four basic steps.  4 side slides right and then 4 left, 4 kicks, and then walk-it-by-yourself which is like a twist.

Gangnam Style PE Version

It is always awesome when other PE teachers do something awesome and they share it with the rest of us.  This is a great video of Gangnam Style that kids can do in class and at home for a good workout.  The kids love doing songs to new music and there isn’t a dance song much newer than this 🙂

A few others that are fun to do with your kids that you probably already know the steps to are The Twist, Macarena, and the Chicken Dance.

We do many more that I will post another day but these should get you started.

I have had fun all week with these and Lincoln has had fun trying them when I got home.

Have fun!


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