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Seriously, take the stairs.

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I can’t stand this.

Lazy people taking up elevator space.

If you are a person under the age of 80, well bodied, and are not traveling around with a stroller or 5 kids in tow.


The elevator is not there for people you.


Now I understand the use of an elevator in hotels where you are lugging around luggage, or in buildings with more than two floors.

That is not my problem.

My problem is the mall or establishments that have escalators for people too lazy to walk up the stairs but they still choose free effortless ride.

Escalators were created because we are lazy.

Use that.

Don’t clog up the elevators for people who need them.

It is just irritating.

And we cannot do anything about it, but just know, when I am waiting for the elevator with my infant strapped to my stomach and pushing my toddler around in a stroller and four able-bodied middle-aged people tumble in before me making it difficult for us to fit and there is a perfectly good, working escalator five feet away.

That makes me not like you.

And life is too short not to by liked.

Get off the elevator.


One thought on “Seriously, take the stairs.

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