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This is the face of a winner.


And yes, that is a binky in my mouth.

And no, I did not just get back from some rave, adorned with glow sticks and whatever else you may bring to those things.

I also did not just sit down to write this in the middle of a mothering frenzy.

I think I just found it on the couch.

And naturally decided to put it in my mouth an gnaw on it while I wrote this post.

Makes sense to me.

Enough with that.

I am sick of this binky stealing my spotlight.

I’m a winner.


Apparently I have won the Best Moment Award, which is pretty cool.

I get kinda excited any time I win something in this little blogosphere world.

I wish I was too cool to admit it but I’m not.

This stuff makes me happy.

The cool part is I get to award it someone else.

I just ran across this blog very recently.

I like it because it is real.

No hiding.

Lay it all out there.

In your face.

I award this to…

(in)perfection at its finest

I don’t feel like I am qualified to award anyone anything but it is fun to pass on something good.


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