Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

Bravery is just stupidity with a pat on the back.


I made that up.

I was also thinking of these.

Stupid is knowing something is a bad idea but doing it anyway because you are bored.

And crazy is taking two kids under two to a movie.


I don’t know what I was thinking.

Obviously I wasn’t.

I don’t think I really need to go into much detail on how we spent our 20 minutes in the theatre.

{That is how long we lasted}

But I will give you a small glimpse into this debacle.

Picture this:

A small toddler playing peek-a-boo with the people behind him during a serious part of the movie.

A large tub of popcorn, completely dumped.

An escapy toddler running around in the front of the theatre before his mother could grab him up because, oh, that genius women not only brought one child under two, she also has an infant sitting in her lap.

Said toddler, sitting next to another kid who we don’t know and trying to drink from his cup.

When the poor random stranger child takes his cup before small toddler can grab it, small toddler then screams MINE during the middle of the movie.

Toddler then gets ahold of our actual drink and…

Do I really need to keep going?

Just close your eyes and imagine what else could go wrong and it probably did.


Like I said, we did not make it long, barely past the previews.

Head hung in shame I left the theatre with my two little bundles under two.

Fortunately it was a packed matinée kids movie with other children screaming, crying, and running down the walkways.

Which makes me feel slightly better.

But still.

I will never try that again.

I promise.


5 thoughts on “Bravery is just stupidity with a pat on the back.

  1. lol! I loved this! You are braver then I, I have yet to muster up the courage to drag my little ones all to a movie theatre, the only thing we have managed that comes close to that is the drive in movie, which was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be.

  2. Wow. You are braver than I. I am terrified to go anywhere with both children in tow once #2 is born. You need reinforcements for that kind of endeavor, lol!

    • I completely needed reinforcements! I don’t know what I was thinking. If he can’t sit for a movie at home, why did I think it would happen at a theatre?

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