Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

Moms deserve priority parking.


I’m just saying.

I feel like it is well deserved.

And needed.

From what I can tell handicap parking is flawed.

Some people use it correctly.

But those are not the people I have issue with.

I have issues with the people who somehow manage to have a handicap sticker.

Yet you still see them walk swiftly and healthily into the store.

While I, on the other hand.

Have to park eight miles away.

Get two children out of the car.

Lift out a large car seat that weighs close to 25 pounds.

While also unbuckling a squirmy fussy toddler from their 5 point harness.

Then carry one child in their heavy awkward car seat.

While holding the hand of the other child, hoping to God he walks the whole way into the store.

Which of course he probably doesn’t.

So then I have to pick him up.

While still carrying the car seat.

Oh yeah, and did I mention it is freezing out.

The toddler has now taken the keys out of my mouth and thrown them on the ground.


Set down all the children while not letting go of toddlers hand.

Pick up keys.

Pick up car seat.

Try to get toddler to walk again.


Pick toddler up.

Finally arrive at store door.

By the time I finally get to the store the person in the premiere handicap parking space has already managed to do their shopping and is on their way out.

It is an injustice.

Moms deserve designated parking.


4 thoughts on “Moms deserve priority parking.

  1. I wholeheartedly disagree. Flawed system or not, becoming a parent is a choice – becoming handicapped is not. You knew what you were getting into.

    • Most of this post was in jest, I don’t think that I deserve front row parking over anyone else. And I certainly understand that some people genuinly need handicap parking. I was simply pointing out that the system, however well intentioned, is flawed. When a 20 year old kid can drive his 100 year old grandfathers car to the store, park in the very front handicap spot, and then run in and grab some cigarettes and gum. Something is not right, and me poking fun at the injustice and whining about how long it takes me to get from the car to the door is just that, in fun. I don’t deserve front row parking because I busted two kids the size of watermelon out of my undercarriage and that 20 year old kid doesn’t deserve front row parking because he has a grandfather that is one hundred years old.
      Sometimes life isn’t fair, the important thing is that the people who need it, have it.

  2. Yes – agreed! And furthermore, the “expectant mom” parking space is just as bad. EVERY mother has all kinds of expectations. Therefore, every mother should qualify. Please, and thank you. Great post!

  3. Here in Winnipeg, a lot of stores have some of these very parking spots! reserved for expectant mothers and mothers with small children. Somedays, they are a godsend.
    As for the comment by Jen Mcleod, I am a little surprised at the harshness of your tone. Yes, being a parent is a choice, but really? Because many stores have “loading” or “pick up only” zones to make it easier for people who have to carry large items out of the store. Just to be to make things a little easier for their patrons where they can. Those people made a choice not to have delivery, but we accommodate them.
    Anyway, try not to get too made if you visit us here and see these pink signed spots all over the mall. Because, you know, I had kids on purpose to get a good parking spot.

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